15 January, 2011

Arsenic Blues - Science Music Live at Science Online 2011

and your data best be strong

Brownie pie w ice cream

As Prepared:
335 for 37 min 385 for 5 min

1 box Pilsb
2 eggs
1/4 cup oil
3 tablespoons water

package came with sealed bag of walnuts which were added. With these, I mixed in about a quarter cup of fresh crushed almonds. To chrush: I work with a ceramic bowl from Ikea (mortar) and a glass canning jar (pestle).
Adding one extra egg increases the cakiness
Whenever I've made the brownies with the amount of oil called for on the box I do not get good results from the oven. The extra nuts and the egg nicely balance the decrease in oil.


brownies are good. Brownie pie, better.

next time I'd like to shoot for this


Facebook siege status update: Robust

Working to find the mix of different content(s) here and @drowningkittens.
I am enjoying the format especially on Twitter. Towards connecting the different components: blogging, various socialmedia (Sm), and Pandora has given more evidence to some solid contentions about facebook. Fb provided a great mechanism for the ubiquitization of social media without being an end in itself. The truely novel uses and solutions for&with Sm will be neat to see; and imagined by those who never experienced the absence of fb.

Happy with the new digs : )


14 January, 2011

#Twitter Live


Drowning Kittens:
1) started as a joke between myself and a mathematician friend.
She employed it as a nonsequitur when asked after her weekend plans

2) also a Tragedy of the Commons (ToTCs)

3) working to be an informative Twit er er