03 June, 2009

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Re Rachel:
the wonkish wit and snarky attitude ultimately influenced me to get the same glasses. The profile I own mentions wonen's wrights, writes, rites and Our Rights under the first five amendments to a document I think is rather cool and provides no end of evolution to debate. Rachel is an impressive, vocal, public component of ideas about advocacy and positions on issues of national discourse.

NBC definitively wins battle for TV viewers who don't go outside during summer<---

UPDATE: Carson Daily made the watchable list after his godless tribute to our Troops . Even though the concept is based on a twittercentric commentary Conan slayed the bird, literally.

Harlan Williams wins me over as always. In coming episodes we need to look for a sustained synergy between Conan and Fallon. A lot of people, oh.. executives at NBC ... hope Fallon is hitting his stride and so do I. Since Conan has been off the air I have regretted Fallon but somehow Jimmy has been validated with the protection of a better hitter. A-Rod and Teixeira?

NBC wins late night battle with organization not seen since the construction of Death Stars I & 2; or not enough writers appreciate the ampersand (&).

TV Conflict: My life without a DVR

had one but I don't now. Don't think that I'm a hater, actually I have a Ubuntu media server / DVR which I choose not to use all that much-no remote-. Applications and sites such as HULU, fancast and a multitude of torrents constitute the entire functionality of a DVR and more (Cloud Work / Computing). Working within an open source platform / community is a great way to develop a broadly appealing and highly usercentric component based GUI. As a side note: the same manner in which diverse media structures and tools are available in setting up a DVR substitute, ubiquitous laboratory instruments such as thermal cyclers, spectrophotometers, spectrometers, integrated liquid handling systems and opensource software can all be intricately woven together into a broadly applicable LIMS system.

Jimmy Fallon has a reason for living

Breaking News:

Jimmy Fallon has a reason for living.

After following a mind blowing performance by Green Day to finish the second eppisode of Conan's The Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon was able to successfully draw my attention away from the Venture Brothers on Comedy Central. Even without Conan's lead-in, NBC's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon is still worth considering...........(Still trying to wrap your head around that one?)

01 June, 2009

One LAST time, (the change that I found once I looked at your life")

Where did we miss when the memories matured
In the spirit of Modest Mouse, GasLight Anthme takes the reigns.

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