03 June, 2009

NBC definitively wins battle for TV viewers who don't go outside during summer<---

UPDATE: Carson Daily made the watchable list after his godless tribute to our Troops . Even though the concept is based on a twittercentric commentary Conan slayed the bird, literally.

Harlan Williams wins me over as always. In coming episodes we need to look for a sustained synergy between Conan and Fallon. A lot of people, oh.. executives at NBC ... hope Fallon is hitting his stride and so do I. Since Conan has been off the air I have regretted Fallon but somehow Jimmy has been validated with the protection of a better hitter. A-Rod and Teixeira?

NBC wins late night battle with organization not seen since the construction of Death Stars I & 2; or not enough writers appreciate the ampersand (&).

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